Peel Mining

Exploration & Mining Glossary

Mining and Exploration glossary for words relevant to Peel Mining projects

Indicated mineral resource - A deposit in which tonnage, density; shape, physical characteristics, grade and mineral content can be estimated with a reasonable level of confidence. However, the continuity of the deposit is not verified.
Induced polarization (IP) (Geophysics) - A geophysical imaging technique used to identify the electrical chargeability of subsurface materials, such as ore. The method is similar to electrical resistivity tomography, in that an electric current is transmitted into the subsurface through two electrodes, and voltage is monitored through two other electrodes.
Inferred mineral resource - A deposit which has been sampled (usually by drilling) to a point at which an estimate of its grade and tonnage is made at low confidence. Generally this is very approximate and subject to uncertainties.