Peel Mining

Exploration & Mining Glossary

Mining and Exploration glossary for words relevant to Peel Mining projects

Galena - A lead sulphide mineral with the chemical structure of PbS. Galena attributes to the makeup of many of the orebodies seen within Peel Minining's prospects. The mineral is easily identified; it demonstrates perfect cleavage, a distinctive silver colour with a bright metallic lustre, as well as being soft enough to scratch it with a fingernail or copper coin.
Geochemical anomaly - The elevation or notable reduction/depletation of one or more elements of interest in the soil/sediment/outcrop/vegetation/water or drilled rock in comparison to background. Example; Lead (PbS) may be anomolous in the soils above an orebody.
Geological model - Is a numerical, three-dimensional, geological map contructed with the domain containing the quantities of interest, this could be the concentration of sulphides found from sampling drill core in an area. This modeling aids in defining the placement, shape and size of an orebody and is crucial in determining the economic value.
Geophysical anomaly - An irrgularity observed from the geophysical data of an area, obtained by one or more geophysical surveying methods. Example; an IP anomaly could indicate the presense of massive/semi-massive sulphides, as they tend to hold charge and have a distinctive signature.
Geophysical model - A 3D representation of the project area based on geophysical interpretations. This method is chiefly utalised in the early exploration phase, and in collaboration with mapping and geochemcial modelling helps to define an area of interest for further exploration.
Geophysics - The study of the physical properties of rocks and minerals. Data gathered for this may be attained from various geophysical surveying methods, such as; an Induced Polarization (IP), Downhole Electromagnetic (DHEM) or Gravity survey.
Geotechnical drilling - Is drilling specifically performed to investigate nature and stabilty of the rocks in the area of a planned open pit or underground mine. This is achieved by investigating the structural, lithological, hydrogeoloical and alteration issues within the rocks.
Gold (Au) - Is a rare previous metal. It is typically found in rocks and veins as very fine grains (not typically visable with the naked eye). It typically occurs and natually alloyed with copper, and when present, is found within the chalcopyrite in chalcopyrite-quartz veins.
Gold (Au) equivalent - The monetary value of all the metal divided by the current market value of Gold to provide an equivalent quantity of Gold in grams per tonne.
Gossan - An intensely oxidized, weathered or decomposed rock, usually the upper and exposed part of an ore deposit or mineral vein.
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