Peel Mining

Exploration & Mining Glossary

Mining and Exploration glossary for words relevant to Peel Mining projects

Tectonic brecciation - Also known as 'Fault breccia', it is brecciation caused by the brittle deformation from tectonic related stress/strains. See Breccia.
Tenement - A mineral claim provides an exclusive right to prospect for minerals within the claim area for 12 months, and to apply for a mining lease over all or a portion of the claim.
True width - Is the thickness (width) of the sulphide lens or vein which is measured perpendicular to it's surface (dip and strike). This measurement will always be the smallest reading of the thickness.
Turbidite - Is a clastically formed, sedimentary mass flow deposit, most abundantly located in deep marine environments, but can occur anywhere that there is a supply of sediment and a slope (deep lakes, continental slopes) . They are produced by gravity driven turbid mixtures of sediment temporarily suspended in water. They are the most common sedimentary deposit type seen within Peel Mining's projects (Example: the Wagga Tank Formation, Eastern Formation etc...), with low-and medium-density turbidites being the most frequency seen within them. They typically form the Bouma sequence succession, which has repeated sequences of graded silts to sandstones. Turbidites can spready laterally km's wide with layers a few mm to tens of m's thick.