Peel Mining


The key to Peel’s success and sustainability is our people.

Our People

We attract, retain, and develop people who want to make a real difference through the work we do. Together we create an inclusive workplace where we cherish diversity.


Peel Mining is committed to respecting both indigenous and non-indigenous cultural values. Peel Mining believes that maintaining cultural understanding and mutual respect is key to maintaining healthy relationships both within and external to the company.

Peel Mining will maintain a system for cultural heritage management to preserve cultural values. In seeking to achieve this we will;

  • Be guided by our company values to act with integrity at all times regarding our duty to provide a safe and fair work place.
  • Treat others with dignity and respect during discussions on cultural heritage or cultural values.
  • Recognise that people come from a diverse range of backgrounds and all have an equal right to participate in our company culture and to enrich our working environment.
  • Seek to deliver the highest standards of protecting cultural heritage and values.

If you would like to request a copy of Peel’s Annual Community Consultation Report for a specific tenement, please email Please include your details, the tenement requested and return email.

For any queries regarding environmental management, community concerns or complaints – please contact Peel Mining Manager Environment, Social and Sustainability via email or phone 0434 077 267.


The future of everyday Australians relies on the evolution of technologies and ideas. It is paramount that we continue to explore and tap into what Australia has to offer with a sustainable, clean, and ecological mindset.

Peel Mining recognises that strong environmental performance is essential to our business success, and our positive contribution to the community. Through effective management practises, Peel Mining aims to minimise any adverse impacts its activities may have on the environment.

In seeking to achieve this we will;

  • Follow the regulatory requirements.
  • Implement and maintain an effective exploration environmental management system.
  • Use appropriate management and technical processes to minimise any impacts on the environment in which we work.
  • Report all environmental incidents as per company and statutory requirements.
  • Monitor environmental performance and, wherever technically and financially practicable, continually seek to improve such performance; and
  • Liaise with the community on major environmental aspects of any future project that has the potential to affect the environment.